About Us

Whisk and Ivy was created by three friends with a passion for entertaining and a desire to bless others with food.  Our company name was chosen with a very special meaning.   The WHISK represents our love for cooking.  The IVY is a plant symbolic of friendship, faithfulness, and resilience (3 words that perfectly embody our lives). 

We have heard on many occasions that our food is "better than catered food", or that our guests can "taste the love in our food".  We attribute this to the fact that we put attention and detail into every event, every menu, and every dish.  We believe in using fresh ingredients to create delicious, beautiful, and memorable meals.  We make everything from scratch, from our salad dressings to our desserts, allowing us to cater to the unique preferences, dietary restrictions, and food allergies of our clients.       


Throughout years of cooking together, we have witnessed how a great meal has the power to spread joy, build fellowship, and create memories. We are blessed to spend time doing what we most love, with the people that we love most. We look forward to entertaining with you!


Jessica & Barb 

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Although Sandy, our good friend and co-founder (pictured on the left above),  has now retired from the business , she will forever be a part of the Whisk & Ivy family.   We would not be where we are today without her.   

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