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Our True Passion

Feeding Hope, Faith, and Love

Using meals as a way to show love to others has always been our passion.  Long before Whisk and Ivy was created, we dreamed of opening a nonprofit pay-what-you-can cafe.   The amount of time, energy, and resources, however, that was involved in starting a legal non-profit was always more than we were willing to invest.   In 2019, we formed Whisk and Ivy as an LLC partnership only because it was the easiest and fastest avenue to spending more time in the kitchen together.  Our goal was never to build a successful business or to make a lot of money, it was (and will always be) to simply do what we love, and to bless other with our food.

In January 2021, after years of operating our business like a ministry, we finally took the time to form the nonprofit that we had always dreamed of.  The Ivy Table is a 501c3 that focuses on building community, providing hope, and showing love to others using food and biblical hospitality.  We are excited to have a formal avenue in which Whisk and Ivy can make a difference in the lives of those around us, while creating a legitimate way for others to join us in that mission.   Learn more about The Ivy Table. 

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Join us every Wednesday night for a delicious meal to benefit The Ivy Table.

Learn more.

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